Ski Test

The Baqueira-Beret or Sierra Nevada mountains are great for preparing your ski access tests. Our technical staff specialized in technification offer you its more than 20 seasons of experience. We will seek to prepare the requirements that demand in alpine skiing, which are: a free descent of medium radius, a free descent with changes of pace and overcome a giant slalom in a given time. The recommended material to use for technical days and access tests is a slalom ski. With us you will arrive with guarantees to pass the tests and then train in the different training centers

Ski Test - freeride 1
Ski Test - freeride 3
Ski Test - 2

Snowboard Test

If you want to access the snowboard training courses, first you will have to go through the access tests, that is why we are your first step in this adventure of become a snowboard teacher. The technical staff will work with you in the technical days the requirements of the access test, which are as follows: a free descent of medium radius on the tread track, a free descent on unread track and overcome a giant slalom in certain time. The recommended material for technical days and access tests is a table with a medium flex. Ask us for more information if you are wanting to get to the day of warranty testing.

Ski Test - race 2
Ski Test - baqueira base